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Save money and fight against food waste

Get massive savings on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before date at grocery store across Canada and the U.S.

Save money and fight against food waste

Get massive savings on fresh food items like meat and produce that are nearing their best before date at grocery stores across Canada and the U.S.

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How it works

Image of box of fresh produce and a phone with the Flashfood app

First, use the free app to quickly and easily find discounted food from wherever you are.

  • Browse deals of up to 50% off at a grocery store location near you.
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  • Choose your discounted food items.
  • Pay right in the app using any major credit card, VISA debit card, or SNAP EBT card.
I heard about this opportunity through a social media group and I joined it immediately. Easy to navigate! Great deals! No drama pickups! Love the savings!
Hen H. from the U.S
Woman in front of a full Flashfood fridgeWoman standing in from of full Flashfood fridge

Then, pick up your Flashfood order at the grocery store.

Head to the store, grab your food items from the Flashfood zone, and quickly confirm your order with the customer service desk.

With a growing family this app is great when food prices are ridiculous as it is. I can shop and then pick up at the store anytime during that day.
Connie L. from Canada

Finally, enjoy good food, a great deal, and the good deed - you just saved some food from the landfill!

Learn more about Food Waste
I love the deals that can be found on the Flashfood app. If you know what can freeze and what can’t you can stock up on items. We’ve enjoyed meats, yogurts, baked goods, juices, chocolates and dips using the app. I recommend it to everyone I know!
Tara E. from Canada

We’ve helped thousands of people save money on their groceries

Another day and another box of fruit bought off the Flashfood app! I love using this app and keeping perfectly good food from going into the landfill. All of the food posted on the app is reaching its best before date but still perfectly good to eat. And it was only $5.00! 😊
@aceliacstravels from Airdrie, Alberta
I despise wasting food, and I love getting a great deal. flashfood makes it so simple for me to actually save food destined for the dump, and all they ask is that I pay a fraction of the price for it. In my personal opinion, the food is fine! No issues whatsoever! In what world does this service not make perfect sense?
Peter T. from Toronto
Wow! I am absolutely delighted with my first box! A great selection of produce (carrots, English cucumber, peppers, mushrooms, onions, apples, oranges and the protein (kielbasa, chicken meatballs, teriyaki chicken meatballs, pulled chicken) was awesome as well! Will most certainly order again!
Pauline P. from Wyandotte, Michigan
Love it. between the wife and I who have the app on both our phones, we saved over $1200. instead of stores throwing out expired food to the dump, they can get rid of food when it's close to expiration dates. love it. I highly recommend it.
Brett C. from Ajax