Although there is no award for best grocery shopper, its worth making these weekly trips efficient, fast and also environmentally sound.

So what does it take to have an epic and enjoyable trip? The secret is all in the preparation. Like, before you even set foot into the store.

1. Open your fridge and figure out what you need to buy.

This may take a fridge reorganization, as there might be some forgotten green peppers sitting at the bottom of the crisper or a hidden block of cheese.

2. A list would be helpful at this point, but who are we kidding. A mental list of what think you have (which in most cases could be a jar of pickles and Mayo) is enough to get you going.

3. While you're in the fridge, try to have a snack or meal with your leftovers. Not only will this help clean out your fridge but it'll also allow you buy rationally and not with your growling stomach. 

4. Think about what types of things you're going to make for the upcoming week. Is a pizza on the menu? Is it BBQ weather? Do you have a potluck dinner coming up? This will also help you focus on what you actually need.

5. Grab your recycling bags, cardboard boxes, baskets or veggie baggies so you can avoid buying plastics bags or using the smaller plastic bags for produce which ultimately land in the garbage after a short one time use. 

6. If you're at a participating store, check the Flashfood app to see if there are any deals that you can take advantage of.

7. Okay, you're prepared and ready to go. When you reach the grocery store, remember to do the majority of your shopping on the outer aisles. This is where you'll find the produce, meats, and dairy. The middle contains heavily packaged products and processed foods.

8. While shopping, you may notice that sometimes, the trays are not full and so you opt out of buying that specific item. Well, its easy to believe that the last remaining items must be the worst, but that doesn't tend to be the case. What ultimately happens is these items are sent to the landfill because they just weren't picked!! (Or if they're lucky enough, they end up on Flashfood!)

9. Back at home, it's time to organize that fridge and cupboards again. To make sure that you don't miss out on your remaining food, place them front and centre so they'll be first to consume.

10. Lastly, earn cash back with your purchases by uploading your receipt onto the app: Checkout 51. Check off the items you bought based on your receipt to claim some money. How cool is that!?

Now, it's time to cook! Enjoy!