This year marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! It will also be the first Earth day where none of us will be able to participate in any outdoor events. Instead, we’ll be at home thinking of ways we can continue to support our planet. Just because we can't celebrate outdoors, doesn’t mean we can’t take action. To help you stay involved, here are 3 ways you and your family can celebrate Earth day 2020, #QuarantineEdition!

  1. Join an online event

Earth Day has curated an awesome tool which connects you to Earth Day related events hosted by brilliant minds and sorted them by date and by location. If by some weird fluke you still haven’t found an event for you, here are more free resources to more virtual events.

  1. Take part in a Earth day challenge

It doesn’t have to be April 22nd for us to make a difference. The Earth Day Network has organized 22 daily challenges you can action to fight against climate change right at home.

Alternatively, challenge yourself and become more fluent in the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle)! Score 1 point for each “R” you end up completing today. Try to aim for 10 points today! Earn 3 bonus points for each choice that incorporates all 3R’s. Doing this every day will help you get into the habit of considering the R’s to help you make more sustainable decisions.

  1. Stay knowledgeable

Education is key to everything you do as your decisions can affect the environment. Staying informed on ways to protect the environment will help you make wiser decisions that you can also share with others who may be interested. Remember, knowledge is power!

With the state of our world right now, there have thankfully been modifications on ways we can celebrate Earth Day this year. This means more opportunities where we can all come together, share as a collective and learn ways we make a difference. Do you have your own way you celebrate Earth Day? Please do share, we’d love to know!