After peeling and trimming your produce, we’re often left with a lot of food scraps that tend to get tossed in the trash or compost bin. It’s impressive to see that a lot of the scraps can actually turn into some snacks of their own. #nomorefoodwaste!

We’ve curated a list of 5 pretty cool ways to turn your scraps into snacks.

  1. Roast potato peels
Image credit: Faith Durand

If you’re planning on making potato any time soon, you should save the potato skin. Simply toss them in the oven to make them a deliciously crispy starter before your main dish!  

  1. Roast apple peels
Image credit: Christine Gallary

If you’re making an apple pie, or simply like to peel your apples before you eat them, then hang on to those peels! They can create yet another crispy snack. Toss a bit of butter and cinnamon sugar and you got a household hit.

  1. Add zest to jazz up sauces, marinades, and frosting

Whether you’ve got lemons, limes, or oranges, there are lots of ways to reuse your citrus peels and give them new life by infusing flavor into your foods like poached chicken, stews, or sauces to name a few.

  1. Save your limp or wilted veggies for soup

If you have limp or wilted veggies, avoid throwing them out as they can be easily revived in cold water. They can also be chopped and thrown into a soup, and the wilted shape will soon be forgotten.

  1. Make croutons or breadcrumbs out of stale bread

We frequently throw away our stale breads when we really don’t need to. Throw your stale bread into a grinder to make the perfect breadcrumbs. You can also cut them in squares and microwave them. Once they’re cool, you’ll have some homemade croutons for your salads.

Food scraps can turn into the most creative dishes or simply be used to replace some common household items. For example, you can also use your lemon scraps to clean countertops! Tell us, what are some genius ways you’re reducing food waste in your home with your food scraps?