Since recently launching Flashfood, we've been warm-hearted by the love we've gotten from our users. From zero waste enthusiasts, to nutritionists to those that simply share sweet deals, the love has been so astounding! We had to share some of our top 5 Flashfoodies with you!


Meet Rosalie Lemire, she's a strong advocate on taking care of yourself and  take care of the world around you. With a lifestyle blog aimed towards good vegetarian food, ideas and tips for personal and collective well-being, it’s difficult NOT to get inspired!


Marjolaine has once said eating seems to be more and more complicated when you look on the Internet. As a nutritionist and doctor of nutrition, she shares the conscientious recipes and must eat places to indulge in.


Wondering where we’ve been getting some of our yummy looking photos?! Look no further, as a few can be seen on her page! With a page centred around family, the beautiful city of Quebec and of course, yummy conscious cooking, it’s hard not to check her Insta on ways to cook while looking out for your wallet.


"The Beautiful Waste" is what she calls herself in English! From zero waste smoothies, antiquing, to thrift shopping, a zero waste lifestyle has never looked so inspiring and achievable.


If you haven’t stumbled on her creative as heck food recipes, now you have! Meet Priscilia Vaillancourt. Her iInsta shows off her delicious vegan cooking made simple (and inexpensive!) for everyone to try and follow.  

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