It's been a year since we've been live with Flashfood, and what a year we've had! Here's what it looked like:

Flashfood Year in Review (1).png

In order to see the true value of how we've positively impacted the environment, we convert meals diverted from landfill into methane gas from car emissions and cow burps. As you can see, over 12,000 meals translates to huge savings for the environment. Speaking of savings, our shoppers have saved quite a lot, especially on those BBQ chickens! 

Our first year also meant a growing team and partnerships - we're live in 3 cities and 6 stores. But, this is just the beginning. Year 2 already looks jam packed with new initiatives, more stores, and interesting partnerships. 

Our goals remain to end food waste and feed more people, especially those who need it. We're more committed than ever. Are you with us?