The From their family to yours series is a set of stories from our community and what their experience has been like with Flashfood so far.  Feel free to submit your story on our reach us page.


I am still relatively new to Flashfood. I heard about the app about a month and a half ago from my niece who works at Farm Boy. She explained the incredible opportunity to enjoy high-quality food at lower prices. In this short time I have made 35 orders on Flashfood!

My husband and I have three biological children and we are in the process of adopting two little girls that we are currently fostering. Our oldest son is 13  and he is introducing us to what it is like to feed teenagers! He is growing fast and he is a bottomless pit. 

All five of our kids have thoroughly enjoyed our Flashfood purchases. There is quite a wide range of products available at different times. It is making me so happy to realize that although we are benefiting, we are also contributing to food waste reduction. 

Shopping with Flashfood has saved us time and money and has provided easy, healthy meal and snack options on busy days!  I love that I don't have to be in store when the markdowns happen and snatch them up, but I can simply check the app for savings at my convenience. 

Thanks Flashfood for your efforts to help families save money and reduce food waste. We can't wait until more grocery stores join you in your efforts!!


If this couple continues to use Flashfood at the same rate, they will save roughly $4,000 on their grocery bill this year!

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