Produce Box Comparisons: Flashfoodbox vs. Farmbox Direct vs. Doorganics

Produce delivery is nothing new, but has tended to lean toward the higher price point of organic produce. Flashfoodbox instead, focuses on surplus food that would normally be sent to the landfill, just because of aesthetic imperfections or overstocking. This food is farm fresh, equivalent to what you would find in a grocery store. Flashfoodbox also contains various protein as well.

Through a partnership with Tyson Foods, Inc, the second largest producer of chicken, beef and pork worldwide, we are able to save surplus and mispackaged meat products.

The meat industry has unimaginable amounts of waste, sometimes simply because of overstocking or products approaching their best before date. This food would normally be tossed, wasting all the water, animal feed, fuel and pesticides that went into its production: an ecological disaster, averted.

Let's take a look at other other companies that can supply only produce to your door in Detroit:

Serving the entire continental United States with USDA certified organic produce, Farmbox Direct is on a mission to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to food deserts. They source food from local farms from across the country and delivery everything in a large cardboard box. Compared to Walmart, this box will cost you 70% more for the same amount of non-organic food.

Doorganics is a start-up company in Grand Rapids, MIchigan that works with local farmers to supply non-GMO, pesticide free, and organic product. They deliver in a reusable tub and allow weekly substitutions of produce. In comparison to Walmart, the are 57% more expensive for the same non-organic goods.

What if you could get a similar amount of produce as well as 5lb of protein for the same price? That is what the Flashfoodbox offers. Most of the produce is sourced from Southern Ontario farms and the meat is from Tyson Foods; both are surplus or aesthetically rejected and would have been destined to become food waste.

We deliver in a cardboard box with curbside recyclable insulated liner and gel ice packs.

When compared to Walmart, we come in at only 14% higher than typical store prices.

When looking at major grocery stores, for the same mix of produce and protein delivered in the Flashfoodbox, you could spend $4 more at Meijer and Kroger without delivery. Walmart is $7 cheaper, unless you really value your time and need it delivered to your door, setting you back an additional $10.

Overall the Flashfoodbox can help you eat healthier, save you time and give a boost to the environment.

Wanna try it out? Go to (US) or (Canada) and do your part for the environment, one box at a time.