Produce Box Comparisons: Flashfoodbox vs. Mama Earth vs. Wanigan vs. Fresh City Farms

Getting anything delivered to your door has become increasingly easy and popular. From socks to books to any imaginable food, there are over 2000 subscription services in North America alone. Getting fresh produce delivered to your door is a sought after service, but most companies are focusing on the high end of food; local, sustainable and organic - at substantial markups.

The Flashfoodbox tackles this from a different angle, it’s food sourced from farmers that was passed over by retailers, as it did not meet their strict requirements. Flashfood takes food that would have ended up as animal food at best or landfill at worst because of aesthetic reasons: size, shape or color. There is nothing wrong with the food on the inside. For now this food is not particularly local or organic, as Flashfood’s focuses is primarily on keeping food out of landfill.

Here’s a comparison on Flashfoodbox vs. three other popular Toronto based boxes: Mama Earth, Wanigan and Fresh City Farms.


Mama Earth is well known for having all organic food from local farms. They deliver in reusable rubbermaid bins, and offer additional products like farm fresh eggs, milk and artisan baked goods to add to your order. Unfortunately all of this comes at a premium: their regular bin costs $40 and feeds 1-2 people with 9.5lb of food. This is 60% more expensive  than buying the equivalent non-organic goods at Walmart.


Wanigan also offers organic, locally sourced produce delivered free to your door. They opt for large paper bags that can be reused, recycled or returned. Here you get slightly more for your money with 8lb of food for $34, giving a 50% mark up over the equivalent non-organic produce at Walmart.



Fresh City Farms focuses on Farm to Table food by partnering with farmers in the GTA and operating Canada’s largest commercial city farm in downtown Toronto. Through this system they are able to deliver the most cost effective box of organic food so far with 7 lb of food for $28 at a mark up of 40%.


Finally there is the flashfoodbox. For now, produce is not particularly organic, but most is sourced from Ontario farms and greenhouses and it is all #2’s or aesthetically sub-par produce. This makes up 8.5lb of excellent, rescued food for just $26.50, coming in at a 28% markup from Walmart.

By now you may be asking; What if I just shopped at a grocery store?

Even there, the Flashfoodbox can provide you with a better deal and you’re helping save the environment!

When comparing a similar amount of produce, Walmart is cheaper in person, but if delivery is important to you, you will pay an additional $10. Loblaws, Longos and other similar stores charge an additional $3-4 in the store, and $6-10 in delivery fees.

Overall the Flashfoodbox is beautiful on the inside produce being sent to you instead of a landfill and delivery is always free.

Here’s a breakdown of the boxes and grocery stores:

Wanna try it out? Go to and do your part for the environment, one box at a time.