We've scoured Instagram to find our homeland's top zero waste Instagrammers. If you're new to the zero waste life or just generally want to become more eco-friendly, following these accounts will definitely help you become more knowledgable. Here we go!


Hailing from Mississauga, Ontario, this account explores various products that are plastic free while sharing tips and tricks on daily zero-waste living. 

 Credit:  @getunpackaged
‍Credit: @getunpackaged


Sophi is the Zero Waste Manager at the @torontotoollibrary. She is an advocate for ugly fruit and also living a zero waste lifestyle. She shares lots of recipes and neat tricks on her account.

 Credit:  @yourecofriend
‍Credit: @yourecofriend


Trish from Waterloo, Ontario is taking zero waste to the next level! You had us at the zero waste Caesar!! She is a nutritionist so listening to her will be good for your health (and the environment).

 Credit:  @zerowastetrish
Credit: @zerowastetrish


We love this account for its honesty and sarcasm. She makes zero waste and minimalism fun and interesting. Above all, she brings awareness to how most people and even companies create a lot of unnecessary waste.

 Credit: @myzerowastelifeintoronto
‍Credit: @myzerowastelifeintoronto


Kate is a 3R's ambassador with the City of Toronto. This is a great account to follow to understand how to properly dispose of waste, recycling and compost in the Greater Toronto Area.

 Credit:  @refusereuse
‍Credit: @refusereuse


We like this account's name! Haley shares all aspects of being green from food waste, to water to plastic - she covers it all!

 Credit: @ 50shadesofgreentoronto
Credit: @50shadesofgreentoronto


Leah from Ottawa has a beautifully curated Instagram page filled with recipes, grocery hauls, waste free packaging and a whole lot more.

 Credit:  @lifemadelight
‍Credit: @lifemadelight


Tara from Guelph shows us how intertwined healthy habits and environmentally conscious behaviours truly are! She shares lots of neat products and cool food flat lays.

 Credit:  @mindfully.sustainable
‍Credit: @mindfully.sustainable


Katelin is the owner of the online eco-shop: paredownhome.com, and she shares how her and her family live a zero waste lifestyle while using the products she sells.

 Credit:  @paredown
‍Credit: @paredown


Here's the ultimate Mommy's guide to living green. This account covers how to raise kids in an eco-friendly way. Use #livingwellinmotherhood to get featured.

 Credit:  @greenmomsco
‍Credit: @greenmomsco

That's our top 10! Do you have any other Canadian eco-friendly or zero-waste Instagrammers that you follow? Tell us, we'll add it to the list!