In addition to our Top 10 Canadian Instagrammers to follow, we've curated a list of the top 5 most popular, zero waste accounts to follow. They are among the top eco-friendly lifestyle leaders! You don't want to miss out on these great feeds, filled with tips and tricks on how to lead a zero waste lifestyle, and of course, great pictures! 


Anne-Marie is a zero waste chef from the San Francisco Bay Area - and she's serious about her cooking, and her no waste lifestyle! She runs her kitchen with only three rules; no packaging, nothing processed, and no trash. You can find a ton of great ideas and recipes to use up those leftovers, among other tips for a no waste lifestyle. And, she's been plastic free since 2011! How awesome is that?!  

 Credit:  @zerowastechef
‍Credit: @zerowastechef

Kathryn, also from the San Francisco Bay Area, is big on zero waste, positivity, and minimalist living. On her feed, you can find tips on how to help the environment, some delicious meal ideas, and beautiful photos of food!



Jordan is a writer, speaker, and anti-food waste activist from Castro Valley, California. He also runs this awesome page, humour included, dedicated to all the ugly fruit and veggies out there! You can find the occasional meme, bird-shaped strawberries, and even carrots with extra, ahem, extremities. Ugly fruit and veggies need love, too! You won't regret following this account.

 Credit:  @uglyfruitandveg
‍Credit: @uglyfruitandveg


Bea Johnson is the founder of the zero waste lifestyle movement, and is also a speaker, blogger, and author! What doesn't she do? Join her on her adventure of living waste and trash free, get some great ideas on how to live the zero waste lifestyle, and maybe even catch her at her next speaking engagement!

 Credit: @zerowastehome
‍Credit: @zerowastehome


Meet 26 year-old Lauren Singer from New York City. She's the CEO of @thesimplyco and co-CEO of @packagefreeshop, which is a zero waste lifestyle shop. You may also recognize Lauren from a recent viral Buzzfeed video where Lauren shows us the trash she's accumulated over the past 5 years - all packed into one single mason jar. Check out her feed to see how she lives a zero waste lifestyle.

 Credit: @trashisfortossers
‍Credit: @trashisfortossers

And that's our Top 5 Most Popular Accounts on Zero Waste list! What other great zero waste accounts do you follow? Let us know in the comments!