There's that dreaded "S" word: Saveeeee... Yikes. It's tough to save a chunk of money every so often in a set account. But, what if you could earn rewards, points or save automatically just from doing things you already do? Here's a list of tech hacks we use:

The Honey Chrome Extension

We're huge fans of online shopping but don't tend to keep track of the slew of coupon codes that exist. instead, we rely on our friend "Honey" to go through its own database of codes and add them automatically before we checkout. Simply download it via the Google Chrome store. Next time you online shop, just use your Chrome browser so that Honey can activate while you're on a checkout page. You can check it out here.

We were skeptical of eBates at first, but it actually works! When you're about to do any online shopping, go to first, then allow it to redirect you to your store of choice. The cash back rewards will be calculated automatically and a cheque will be sent to you should you be owed anything. You can check it out here.

Mylo App

This might be a bit of stretch for some people (okay it was for us!) but we love the concept. Whenever you use your debit/credit card, Mylo automatically rounds up your purchase and invests the change in an investment account. Kind of cool right? You can learn more about it here.

Drop App

Another great way to earn rewards is simply by spending - what a concept! Just connect your debit/credit cards to the app and collect points based on purchases. Then, use your points towards gift cards at participating stores. BONUS: download Carrot rewards and connect your Drop account to earn even more points by answering health related surveys. BONUS 2: connect your Fitbit to earn points based on steps! Phew! Check it out here.

...and of course, our saving money list would not be complete without a shameless plug! You can now refer Flashfood to friends and earn credits you can use towards grocery staples like bread, dairy, and prepared meals. Wow.

Tell us, do you know of any other tech hacks to save or earn money on auto-pilot?