The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates World Food Day with events happening in over 150 countries every year on October 16th, to commemorate it's founding in 1945. 

The events promote awareness and action on hunger and the need for food security for all. This day is also a chance to show commitment to the goal of achieving Zero Hunger by 2030 and also celebrating the current success towards reaching the goal. Out of the 129 countries monitored by FAO, 72 have already achieved the target of halving the proportion of people who suffer from hunger by 2015.

This year's theme focuses on migration, food security and rural development, a growing concern. Here's an interesting stat: in 2015, more than 19 million people were internally displaced because of natural disasters. Between 2008 and 2015, an average of 26.4 million people were displaced annually by climate or weather-related disasters. 

Ten facts you need to know about Hunger

  1. The world produces enough food to feed everyone, yet, about 800 million people suffer from hunger. That is one in nine people. 60% of them are women.
  2. About 80% of the world’s extreme poor live in rural areas. Most of them depend on agriculture.
  3. Hunger kills more people every year than malaria, tuberculosis and aids combined.
  4. Around 45% of infant deaths are related to malnutrition.
  5. The cost of malnutrition to the global economy is the equivalent of USD 3.5 trillion a year.
  6. 1.9 billion people – more than a quarter of the world’s population – are overweight.
  7. One third of the food produced worldwide is lost or wasted.
  8. The world will need to produce 60 percent more food by 2050 to feed a growing population.
  9. No other sector is more sensitive to climate change than agriculture.
  10. FAO works mainly in rural areas, in 130 countries. We work with governments, civil society, the private sector and other partners to achieve #ZeroHunger.

What can you do today?

  • Share this blog and other posts under the hashtag #WFD2017 to spread awareness on FAO activities and goals.
  • Download or use Flashfood to divert edible food from the landfill.
  • Make a concerted effort to not waste food!