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Around the world, one-third of all the food produced ends up in the garbage before it even gets to the table. Food waste is a major contributor to climate change. Our mission is to help communities thrive by connecting people with affordable food and reducing food waste in the supply chain.

Make your impact from anywhere

Well, almost anywhere. Our growing team of more than 60 people is distributed across four time zones in the US and Canada. Our remote culture is built on trust and autonomy. We aren’t interested in endless meetings –– we’re interested in getting great work done and connecting with each other along the way.

That’s why we have a mid-week Meeting-Free Oasis, have fun standups, and share jokes and photos of our pets in communication channels. We have fabulous virtual events like Drag Queen Bingo and Paint Night. At the end of the day, it’s about output, not facetime. We bring in great people and we let them shine.

Remote worker.
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We have an office in Toronto’s Liberty Village, the company’s original headquarters, which offers hotdesking space for employees living in or travelling to the area. When pandemics don’t interrupt our plans, our team comes together in Toronto at least once a year to meet, connect and celebrate our accomplishments.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

It’s impossible to work in the food system without acknowledging the importance of equity. It’s a value that we carry throughout our work and it inspires our approach to building the Flashfood team. We’re committed to building a diverse team that represents the people we serve, where everyone has an equal opportunity to advance. 

We recognize that inclusivity requires intention, so we constantly iterate on our work culture, our messaging, and our product to make them more inclusive. And we’re never done. 

Employee ownership

At Flashfood, we’re in this together. We know that our employees are the reason we’ll be successful and we want to ensure that everyone shares in that success. All full-time Flashfood employees are granted share options as part of our Employee Share Option Plan.

Our people

We know that our people are our biggest asset. That’s why we offer a well-rounded compensation package that ensures our team stays healthy and feels supported, including a learning and development allowance and a budget to make your home office just right.

We know that life isn’t all about work. At Flashood, we offer flexible hours, 3 weeks’ of vacation, plus extra long weekends from April to September and extra days off during winter holidays. You’ll also get 2 Volunteer days, 10 Wellness days and loads of other perks.


Brilliant teammates  
(nearly doubling by early 2022)


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Women in management

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Our core values

Our core values give us a shared way of thinking about our work. These are the principles that drive us, that inform our decisions and our leadership style. When in doubt, these are the basics that we go back to.

We control the controllables.

We’re on time. We’re thoughtful. We’re prepared.

We’re focused on people, not titles.

Everyone gets a seat at the table.

We do the right thing.

Even when no one is watching.

We’re honest.

Especially when it’s difficult.

We have a bias for action.

Because the worst decisions are the ones we fail to make.

We build simple.

Even if simple is the hardest thing.

We strive for better.

We’re eager to challenge our peers and ourselves.

We keep on an even keel.

Because things are never as bad, or as good, as they seem.

We’re real about climate.

As a company, we acknowledge that we’re facing a crisis and act accordingly.

I love working for Flashfood for various reasons. The most important to me is the culture here where everyone is such a tight knit group. I’m also proud of what we can do and what we have accomplished for the community (feeding more affordably) and the environment (diverting food waste).


Life at Flashfood


What gets me excited about working for Flashfood is the mission: To reduce food waste and to feed everyone. By connecting surplus food to users, we’re helping grocers lower their shrink and disposal costs while providing healthy and affordable food options to community members. This win-win scenario fires me up knowing that it’s making a real difference for all parties involved.

partnerships LEAD

As a team, we’ve had amazing wins but also challenges but the best part is how we go about tackling those challenges. We all show up to serve and as a team, we show up for each other.

director of support & Success

As a developer, it’s rewarding to build a product that combines my passions in technology with social impact. The team is kind, supportive and enthusiastic. You are given a lot of trust, responsibility and autonomy. 

software DEVELOPER