Our Story

It all started when, a family member was distraught about throwing out $4000 worth of food after a catering event. A decision that was made by her boss. That seemed too hard to dismiss as a common everyday occurrence, yet, that was the norm in the food industry.

In fact, when food gets thrown out, it usually ends up in a landfill, gets covered by other garbage and rots. When this happens, the food doesn't have oxygen and the decomposition process produces methane gas.

The statistic that eventually created Flashfood is:

'If International food waste were a country, it would be the third leading cause to GHG emissions behind the US & China'.
- National Geographic (March 2016)

In speaking to hundreds of grocery employees and top level executives in the grocery industry, it was alarming to learn that food items that were not sold and approaching their best before dates by up to 2 weeks, were simply thrown out! This is when the idea of Flashfood app was solidified. An app that allows shoppers to browse food items approaching their best before date, buy them at a discount and pick them up in store.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve worked with Longo’s (Toronto), Farm Boy (London) and Buy-Low Foods (Vancouver) and diverted over 15,000 meals from the landfill into the bellies of hungry people through our Flashfood app. This is roughly equivalent to GHG emissions of driving a car 18,000 km in a car.

Given the oligopolistic nature of the Canadian grocery industry and the lack of immediate action to expand across Canada, we’ve created a direct to consumer model called the Flashfoodbox.

With the Flashfoodbox, we’re maintaining our core mission of reducing food waste by giving farmers and growers the ability to provide us with surplus food items that grocers don't want because of their aesthetic appearance.  We add these items in the Flashfoodbox and ship it directly to our hungry community who actually want to use their buying power for the environmental benefit of everyone.

Moreover, we are actively looking for ways to solve the problem of food insecurity within our existing platform as we strongly believe that everyone should have access to healthy and nutritious food.

Our community uses it’s collective buying power, to validate food waste as intolerable. We couldn't be any more grateful for our community support to date. This is just the beginning.