Give $5.Get $5.

Recruit friends to take a bite out of food waste! If their first purchase is over $10, they’ll get $5 off, and you’ll get $5 too.

Refer a Friend!
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How it works


Invite your friends

Recruit your friends & family to be Flashfoodies by sharing your referral code with them via text message, Facebook, email, or whatever your prefer.

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They make a purchase

If their first purchase is $10 or more, a $5 credit will be automatically be applied.

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You get a $5 credit

A $5 credit will be added to the Rewards section of your app and will be automatically applied to your next purchase.

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Frequently asked

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How can I share my referral code with my friends and family/ How does it work?
I referred someone but I didn't receive any credits
Where can I find my referral code?
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